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Short Term Holiday rental


Cancellation Policy:                                                                                                                           


Reservations for short-term holiday accommodation are accepted by Waterfront Holiday Houses Pty Ltd ABN 31 606 457 078 of 33 Belmore Street Yarrawonga (“the Booking Agent”) as agent for the Owner of the Property and to which bookings the following terms and conditions shall apply:

Policy Amendment as at Saturday 14th March, 2020

Cancellation due to Coronavirus – the following terms have been added to our cancellation policy in light of the ever-evolving COVID-19 crisis:


  1. A) Postpone your confirmed Booking

If WHH receive 14 days minimum notice from your arrival date, the guest may postpone their trip and rebook the same property for the same period of time for another date.

A $33 administration fee will apply (equivalent to the current booking fee)

The alternate booking must be reserved within 6 months of the original booking.

The booking and tariff value is not transferable to another property.

The property owner will accept a request to postpone a booking, when there is a nil balance on the rental tariff for the period booked.

  1. B) Cancel your confirmed Booking

If you decide to cancel your trip within 14 days of your arrival then our normal cancellation rules apply (see Standard conditions hereunder). 

In this event, we would cancel your booking and try to rebook your dates. If we are successful in re-booking then we will refund your deposit less a $150.00 cancellation fee.

If we are not successful, then unfortunately your payment is non-refundable.


  1. C) Exceptional Circumstances

If the Australian Government imposes a travel ban within Australia, then all bookings will be postponed, without restriction.


Please do not travel if you are unwell. It is important to minimise the spread of contagion. 


Cancellation Policy (Standard):

Balance of the rental amount must be received in full 28 days prior to occupancy. If not, the owner has the right to cancel the booking and attempt to re-let the property.


Cancellation of the booking by the client, deposits are non-refundable unless the property is re-let for the entire period for equal value.

If a refund is made due to the property being re-let, then a $150 cancellation fee will apply.

What is the Booking service fee?

A booking service fee of $33.00 is applicable to help Waterfront Holiday Houses operate their booking platform and offer the best possible experience for our guests. We take the safety of our guests very seriously, and offer a 24hr security service, after hours assistance and public liability cover.

The booking fee is payable at the time of the deposit and is non refundable.


The person making the booking, the “guest” is the person responsible for the property for the period of rental. The guest shall be deemed to have read and accepted these terms and conditions on behalf of all persons arriving at the property.


The number of guests allowed on property CANNOT EXCEED the number advised as per booking.


3.1 A security payment is required for all bookings. The security payment may be $500, $1000 or $2000 depending on the property features.

3.2 For any damages that may be caused during the length of tenancy, or additional cleaning charges, removal of rubbish, lost keys, the total cost will be deducted from the security deposit.


4.1 Check-in time is 2:00pm.

4.2 An access code to the property will be provided to guests prior to your arrival.


5.1 Check-out time is strictly 10am as cleaners will be arriving.

5.2 Any guests still in the property after 10:30am will automatically incur a late check out fee of $55 and will be deducted from your security bond.

5.3 An extended check out time is available for $55 per hour, or as agreed between the guest and the Property Manager. The availability of a late check out is dependent on the check in time of the following booking.

5.4 A late check out may be arranged by contacting the Property Manager no less than 2 days in advance of your departure.


6.1 In the event of property damage by previous guests and/or Occupational Health and Safety concerns, the property owner has the right to cancel/postpone a booking.

6.2 In the event of such cancellation, the Property Manager will, in consultation with the guest, endeavour to source alternative accommodation.

6.3 In the event that the Property Manager cannot source alternative accommodation, or the guest is not satisfied with the alternative accommodation sourced, then the guest shall receive a full refund of all monies paid for the booking.


7.1 Number of People Booked Into Property:

The number of persons specified on your booking confirmation is to be the maximum number residing in the property during the term of your booking and WILL NOT EXCEED this number. Violation of this condition will result in immediate eviction of all people from the property and forfeiture of any monies held.

7.2 Animals:

Due to Health Regulations, animals are NOT permitted inside or on the external surrounds of the property at any time. Violation of this condition will result in immediate eviction of all people from the property and forfeiture of any monies held by the booking agent.

7.3 Lost Keys and/or Remotes:

7.3.1 In the event of lost keys, the guest will reimburse the agent for the cost of new locks and new keys. ($400 approx)

7.3.2 In the event of lost/damaged remotes, the guest will reimburse the Property owner for the cost of a replacement. ($250 per remote)

7.3.3 Should guests be locked out, or require after hours assistance, please contact the Property Manager. A call out fee of $150 applies.

7.4 No Smoking Rule:

7.4.1 Smoking is NOT permitted inside the property at any time. Violation of this condition will result in immediate eviction of all people from the property and forfeiture of any monies held by the booking agent.

7.4.2 Please contain smoking to the outside lawned areas of the property and dispose of butts in an appropriate container. Butts left lying around the property will incur an excess cleaning fee. ($55)

7.5 Damage/breakages:

7.5.1 Please inform the Property Manager of any breakages or damage.

7.5.2 Should damages not be reported upon departure, an additional administration fee of $55 will be deducted from the bond

7.5.3 All damage including accidental breakages, will be paid for by the guest. The Property Manager reserves the right to debit monies owed from the guest’s security bond or other payment form organised by the guest. Serious cases of wilful damage will be reported to the Police for appropriate action.

7.5.3 Please do not place sanitary or contraceptive items etc in toilets as this causes blockages in the sewer system.

7.6.4 Please keep the consumption of drinks and food to the tiled areas throughout the house. Stains to the carpet or furniture will require

professional cleaning. Do not attempt to clean them yourselves. This will only worsen the stain. A minimum deduction of $150 from the security bond applies to carpet and furniture stains.

7.6 Departure Conditions:

7.6.1 The guest is responsible for ensuring that, when vacating the property, doors are securely locked, windows securely closed and locked where locks are fitted, all lights, heating, cooling and other appliances are turned off.

7.6.2 The guest will ensure that garbage is placed in the appropriate bins provided.

7.6.3 The guest shall leave the property in a neat and tidy condition. Please remove all food from the fridge, oven and benches. Clean any excess spills or cooking mess, including the BBQ, wash all dirty dishes, pots and pans.

7.6.4 If the guest contravenes clause 7.6.1 above and damage or theft occurs as a result then clause 7.5.2 above applies.

7.6.5 If the guest contravenes clauses 7.6.2 and/or 7.6.3 above then the guest will be charged an excess cleaning fee. Additional cleaning fees – $55 per hour.

7.6.6 The guest is expected to leave the property in the same condition it was upon arrival.

7.6.6 Guests can elect not to clean the property upon departure for an additional fee. This must be arranged with the Property Manager no later than 2 days prior to the booking. Minimum cleaning fee $150.

7.7 Intolerable Behaviour, Excessive Noise, etc:

7.7.1 Intolerable behaviour, such as, neighbours being inconvenienced by extra cars, boats, etc parked in their areas, disruptive behaviour, major disturbances, excessive noise, etc will NOT be tolerated.

7.7.2 A violation of condition 7.7.1 will result in an immediate fee of $550 deducted from the security bond.

7.7.3 Excessive noise after midnight will be reported to security and an immediate fee of $550 will be deducted from the security bond.

7.7.4 A repeat violation of condition 7.7.1 or 7.7.3 will result in an immediate eviction of all people from the property and forfeiture of any security monies held.


8.1 We aim to make your holiday experience as pleasant as possible. However, we do not accept any responsibility and shall not be liable for any injury, damage, loss, additional expenses, accident, delay, changes in accommodation, breakdown in equipment or vehicles, boats, watercraft, weather, strikes, sickness, theft.

8.2 Please note that all travel documents, observance of laws and regulations of various Governments are your responsibility.


TOC current as at 15-6-18 . TOC Subject to change.